Asphalt Pavement - The Most Cost Effective Pavement Type

Asphalt has been and will be the predominant choice for paving Georgia’s roads. An overwhelming 95% of Georgia’s state maintained roads are surfaced with asphalt pavement, and these roads have served the taxpayers well and are still in overall great condition.  But what makes asphalt so great?  The first answer is economics.

Even in today’s environment, asphalt pavements are the most cost-effective option for pavement type when designs are equivalent, both in the actual material costs and the cost of traffic delays. This is true for new construction, rehabilitation, and pavement preservation. Asphalt pavements are called flexible pavements because of their ability to “flex” under traffic loads, but this term has a dual meaning. Asphalt is flexible in that it can be specifically designed for the traffic level, environmental conditions, and subgrade materials for each project. Individual lifts can be engineered to withstand rutting, fatigue cracking, and other distresses as needed. During construction, traffic control and staging are much easier; furthermore, asphalt does not need time to cure so it can be opened to traffic sooner, causing fewer delays to the traveling public.