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Asphalt pavement is the pavement of choice in Georgia, and GAPA’s mission is to keep it that way. Proponents of alternative material pavements are seeking to sway the influence of engineers and public officials, and keeping up with rapid advances in technology is increasingly challenging. GAPA serves these needs by providing a strong voice for the HMA industry and offering networking and educational opportunities for our members.


Education. Maintaining a competitive edge requires continual education and industry certification. GAPA provides extensive education resources to empower our members, from marketing and industry trends news to formal certification classes. Members also have access to the latest engineering studies and research projects that will shape the future of the HMA industry.


HMA Marketing. GAPA actively promotes the use of flexible pavements to both private and public customers. We act as your industry representative with GDOT when project specifications are being written, providing critical input and research assistance to help shape GDOT policies that will affect the entire industry.


Peer Networking. The Association’s various meetings and events afford members valuable opportunities to make new contacts and share ideas with peers in the HMA industry. Board of Directors and Committee involvement within GAPA gives members the opportunity to assume influential leadership roles in our industry.


Industry Advocate with Government. When potential legislation is pending that could affect the HMA industry, we are there to represent the interests of our members. When new regulations are created, we make sure our membership is thoroughly informed on these rules and have access to the technical instructions necessary to be in compliance.


National Partnerships. GAPA maintains close partnerships with national trade associations, research institutes and educational organizations like the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) and the Asphalt Institute (AI). These partnerships ensure that our members have a strong voice not only at the state level, but also at the national level of government.



Associate members enjoy the HMA industry representation and marketing benefits, plus access to our membership at our annual convention and social events.  Advertising opportunities in association publications are also available to associate members. As an associate, you’ll have the chance to market your products and services to the most active and influential people in Georgia’s asphalt industry.

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